Naperville IL Post Construction Cleanup Service

Every Naperville Illinois construction project whether it is a new home office building, addition to your existing house or even a smaller task, like refinishing hardwood floors or maybe painting inside your home or building, creates tons of dust.

For many of us, it is just overwhelming to keep up with cleaning the mess and yet to put on a final touch to the new project. We will walk you through a few simple steps and how cleaning after construction should be done.


First, we need to remove all of the waste (boxes, papers, any leftovers after constructors) from inside the premises. Put away any material that is still needed, to make sure we have empty rooms and a safe place to work with. Now, we are ready to do a major clean up. Vacuuming floors is a very important step to ensure that dust does not spread around the rooms. Once we are finished with the floors, we will proceed to high dusting of ceilings, ceiling fans and walls. We wipe down all of the wood trim (baseboards, handrails, window frames, blinds/shutters, and door frames).