Commercial Cleaning

Professional Commercial Cleaning Service in Naperville & Aurora Illinois.

Commercial Cleaning

Our cleaning crew is well known for its excellent commercial cleaning services.

We clean office cubicles, boardrooms, lounges and private offices. We offer our services for hire all around the clock so that you can schedule the clean up either before, during or after office hours. We also respond to calls for emergency clean ups due to spills, accidents, etc.


We employ the latest in cleaning technology and our crew is fully trained in the use of all kinds of cleaning agents to ensure a gleaming working environment every time we are hired. We have serviced a lot of different enterprises over the years, and have always achieved the highest levels of satisfaction from our clients.

Our Commercial Cleaning Service Includes:


1. Dust all furniture, desks, chairs, tables, cabinets and office dividers (being careful not to disturb computers).

2. Clean and dust office equipment (phones, computers, and calculators).

3. High dusting on or near ceiling, windowsills, moldings, ledges,

picture frames, and wood trim.

4. Feather dust blinds.

5. Wipe clean light switch plates when needed.



1. Empty all waste and recyclable containers into appropriate

dumpsters or containers.

2. Replenish liners in waste containers. ***

3. Wash interior and exterior of waste cans as needed.



1. Vacuum carpet in all areas including edges and floor runners (moving chairs and vacuuming under desks).

2. Sweep and mop all tile floors with disinfectant cleaner.


1. Clean and sanitize sinks, toilets, urinals and all surfaces.

2. Wash counter tops, mirrors, dispensers.

3. Refill soap, pater towels, and toilet paper dispensers when needed

4. Sweep and mop floor, using a disinfectant.

5. Spot clean dividers and walls as needed.

6. Empty waste containers (including feminine napkin receptacles and replacing paper liner) and clean the inside and outside when needed.


1. Clean and sanitize.

2. Polish with stainless steel cleaner.


1. Sweep area just outside of the front door.

2. Keep the waiting area neat and clean.

3. Clean front entrance glass doors and receptionist sliding glass windows inside and out.


1. Vacuum upholstered chairs as needed.

2. Dust bottoms and arms of chairs.


1. Clean and sanitize sinks, fixtures, counters, tables, and chairs.

2. Clean exterior of appliances and cabinets (microwave in and out).

3. Empty trash and replace liners.

4. Wash the tops of containers when needed.

5. Clean interior of refrigerator upon request.

6. Sweep and mop tile floors.

7. Replenish paper towels when needed.

8. Discard any trash left out on tables or chairs.


1. Thoroughly sweep all cement floors (moving floor mats).

2. Empty all trash containers.

3. Additional services upon request (power wash, stripping).


1. Clean entrance glass doors inside and out.

2. Clean exterior windows inside and out upon request (recommended 3 times a year).

*** Replenish paper supplies, hand soap, and liners when needed. Supplies can be provided by

European Maids & Carpet Cleaning Service, Inc.

at your request and billed to your office.


European Maids & Carpet Cleaning Service, Inc. supplies vacuum, bucket, mops, brooms, dust rags, cleaning agents, and disinfectants used to keep your building neat and clean. Supplies to be kept in a designated storage area on the premises. Storage closet where supplies and tools are stored will be kept neat and clean at all times.

Periodically, the management will call or arrange to meet with you during a predetermined day, so that any comments or suggestions may be brought up by either person to improve the service.

We provide a Spring Clean-Up to all of our accounts. It consists of a very thorough going over of the entire office. It will also include a thorough washing of doors and doorframes, spot cleaning of walls, vacuuming vents, and general straightening up of the office at no charge.

We highly suggest regular cleaning of the carpeted areas, and regular floor maintenance (striping, waxing, and tile & grout cleaning).  We recommendthese to be done every 3-6 months.