Post Construction Cleanup

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Post Construction Cleanup

Every construction project whether it is a new home office building, addition to your existing house or even a smaller task, like refinishing hardwood floors or maybe painting inside your home or building, creates tons of dust.

For many of us, it is just overwhelming to keep up with cleaning the mess and yet to put on a final touch to the new project. We will walk you through a few simple steps and how cleaning after construction should be done.


First, we need to remove all of the waste (boxes, papers, any leftovers after constructors) from inside the premises. Put away any material that is still needed, to make sure we have empty rooms and a safe place to work with. Now, we are ready to do a major clean up. Vacuuming floors is a very important step to ensure that dust does not spread around the rooms. Once we are finished with the floors, we will proceed to high dusting of ceilings, ceiling fans and walls. We wipe down all of the wood trim (baseboards, handrails, window frames, blinds/shutters, and door frames).

We clean light fixtures, all glass, and mirrors. While cleaning any of the surfaces we remove all stickers,

labels, and painter’s tape if necessary. If you need us to wash the windows, we wash them at this point.

When cleaning the bathrooms we make sure to remove any paint residue as well as glue

(we are extra careful not to scratch the surface). Another very important step of the whole cleaning process

is cleaning the kitchen. We pay special attention to the cabinets, wiping down all doors, and cleaning on

top of the cabinets. We vacuum inside all of the cabinets and wipe down with a damp cloth.

All drawers are removed and wiped down inside and out as well. When all of the rooms are cleaned it is time

to vacuum the carpet and wash the floors including cleaning the vents and thresholds.

Most of the post construction cleanings need an entire house touch up after a day or two from the original cleaning day.

The list is pretty long and we are not surprised that so many clients choose to hire professional service to do the cleaning for them.

It takes several hours to complete the project and you really have to know what equipment and what products to use to do the best

cleaning possible. Our company offers professional staff with many years of experience in post construction cleaning.

The management checks every post construction cleaning after the work is completed to make sure the clients are happy with the final result.

A detailed list of things performed at post construction cleaning



 Remove All Trash,

 Dust Ceilings, Ceiling Fans and Walls,

 Clean Blinds And Shutters,

 Wash Light Fixtures,

 Clean Electrical Switches And Outlets,

 Vacuum Carpets Including Vacuuming Around The Edges,

 Vacuum Floors,

 Wash All Wood Trim (Baseboards, Chair Rails, Crown Molding, Window And Door Frames),

 Remove Stickers, Painter’s Tape And Paint Residue,

 Vacuum Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Vents,

 Clean Inside Closets,

 Wash Floors




 Vacuum Inside And Top Of Cabinets,

 Remove All Drawers, Wash Inside And Outside,

 Remove All Labels, Stickers, Protective Plastic From Appliances,

 Clean Inside Pantry,

 Wash All Cabinets Inside And Outside

Including Top Of Cabinets,

 Wash Counter Tops, Backsplash, Glass, Sinks And Faucets,

 Clean All Appliances,

 Wash Floor




 Remove Stickers And Labels,

 Clean All Mirrors And Glass,

 Wash Sinks And Faucets,

 Clean And Polish Tub And Tub Surround,

 Wipe Off Towel Racks, Bars And Rings,

 Wash Inside And Outside Of Cabinets,

 Clean Counter Tops And Backsplash,

 Clean Shower Tile,

 Clean Toilet And Any Other Fixtures,

 Wash Floor





 Vacuum And Wash Inside And Outside Of Cabinets,

 Clean Appliances,

 Wash Floor,

 Dust And Wash Shelves,

​​​​​​​ Wipe Clean Furnace, Water Heater, And Other Utilities